Hot spring

Hot spring

A hot spring public bath where you can immerse while enjoying the nature of Nasu Highlands all over the window.
In addition to slowly getting into hot water, you can also enjoy rock and sauna with men and women daily.

[Hotel building 4 floor]
Public bath · Sauna · Jacuzzi
※ Odd day / Female even number / Male
[Hotel building 5 floor]
Public bath / rock bath
※ Odd day / Male even number / Female

Fountain quality
Simple sulfur hot spring (hydrogen sulfide type)

Rheumatic diseases, chronic toxicity, diabetes, movement disorders, etc.

■ Business hours
6: 00 ~ 9: 30/14: 00 ~ 24: 00

※ As long as it is during the day, you can use it for outpatient customers. (Chargeable)
※ Shampoo · Conditioner · Body Soap · Dryer etc are prepared.
※ We refuse bathing of those who put in tattoos (tattoos). However, it is possible to take a bath only when cover tear (8 cm × 10 cm) 2 tattoos can be hidden.
Please contact the front desk for details.